03/27/01 - Calvin Sun is back with a new release at SuperEsc. very nice, and zero.point.five needs your help, check out the call for submissions.

03/26/01 - Linkage: Neuart.net, MikeHansen, RegularProject, infoterror, ukLabel, Splsh, Toon-o-matic, Xygoxen

03/25/01 - go see the personal site of Thomas Brodahl at XtraPop, the new Apartment site is brilliant in case you missed it, much respect to cHman and the VectorLounge, and Nando delivers a new cover.

03/23/01 - check out WhyGetUp from our friends at the attik >> , go see Noise and Ion057 , and this isn't an ordinary site

03/10/01 - New content in the OnDeck section from my bro Alexander at Compound.ru, check it out. Send some love to Tilted for helping Mike out, and please support our friend Poe by calling KROQ at 800-520-1067 and requesting Hey Pretty.

03/07/01 - it's 2:40 am and I'm awake and delerious from a 14 hour session and one too many red bulls, VERY cool shite from Chadwick Shao at AncientArtz, check that out, cool tunage at NVelope, and go see some nice photography at Pixelgraphy.

03/06/01 - I dedicated last weekend to giving Droppod a presence, finally. >>

03/05/01 - check out Alternative from New Zealand and Sung has a nice folio over at Xconspiration. Submethod retires to metamorphosis, stay tuned.

02/28/01 - If you're in London, don't miss 38days on Monday, go see FifthRotation, KVSFurniture and SnowballStudios from Bottlecap, watch out for GiantKillerRobots!! check out Fiskar, lenzz does Markee, visit Rufus at BlackId, and my buddy Tony updates BurntGraphix, check it out... oh wait, he got shut down. ha

02/26/01 - Our friends from TheSpearedPeanut have something sweet for our viewing pleasure, check it out. Go see the new Factory512 >>

02/23/01 - Go check out BMace, theTraffic, Iconologic, ThinkMad, Poieo, limiteazero, Forcef33dEvolve, Horauf, Newtilt, Thorogood, MartinFewell, WortKunst, and go visit James over at PressTube.

02/21/01 - The official May 1st Reboot site is up, check it out, there are updates at Zanpo, cool stuff at the combustion chamber, Floodgear is really nice, check out StrangeCity, go see Quarterone, check out Hirmes, great concept at StockXchng, Bitstreams is pretty interesting, FictionPixel is a must see, check out RedShift, personal space at DuskyWard, and Christophe launches DeskForce if you havn't already seen it.

02/18/01 - A nice personal site over at Room82, go see Nerissa's personal space, what were you doing at age 15?, go see Toosee from Switzerland, these guys sure do pull off a sweet DR style, and the Munkster's latest deserves another visit.